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The Way of the Lamprey Oak

Once a month when the moon was dark and not a splinter of its form shone down upon the town the lamprey would come. Mothers gently tucked their children in tight, fathers bolted the hatches and doors, nobody went out, everyone stayed home as this was the night the Lamprey always came.

Until that was someone at the museum saw something which would change the town for good and their relationship with the bottom feeders.

A simple keyword Storywalk for years 2 – 6, though can easily be adapted for older, task dependant.

This Story has written elements by Trull Primary School pupils Mathew, Ben, Richard, Lewis Finley S and Leo.

This digital walk was created through support from The Arts Council England, Rook Lane Arts of Frome and The South West Heritage Trust.
Walk to the cauldrons in the Making Somerset Gallery and then type the word 'lamprey' in the keyword box below.
Chapter one

The Way of the Lamprey

Once a month when the moon was dark and not a splinter of its form shone down upon the town the lamprey would come. Mothers tucked their children in tight, fathers bolted hatches and doors, nobody went out, everyone stayed home for fear of the river men stealing in.

They could be heard slithering down the streets, each wore a cape made entirely of discarded padlock keys and between them they dragged chains and rusty bike frames dredged from the river bed.

Over at the museum the curator had been working late setting up a new display and misjudge the time. When she finally closed the cabinet she realised it was dark and then with sudden dread she remembered it was lamprey night. There was no way she could get home now and on the street far below she could hear them scraping and scratching about. If they tried the museum door, then they would be inside and there was nothing she could do.

Quick as a flash she began locking up the museum, door after door, latch after latch. Then down to the next floor, more doors, locked, latched, then shutters, locked latched, and all the time she could hear the creepers slither closer, closer, closer.

Finally, she was on the ground floor running to the front door behind which the lamprey sucked at the locks. They were turning the handle, pushing at the door, it was too late! They were coming in, she had but a moment to slip into a broom cupboard and watch terrified through the key hole as the lamprey slithered and oozed inside, one after the other.
Chapter two

Slowly they poured.

Slowly they poured over to the cabinets, peering inside and leaving big sucker like welts on the glass. But as they gazed they seemed in awe of the artefacts, pointing and muttering to each other, fascinated.

They didn't break anything, in fact as she watched it was obvious that they were actually enjoying themselves, even reading the labels. Then just before dawn the creepers slithered out and back through town to the river clanking everything in their path as tradition insisted.

The curator watched astonished, she had quietly followed them out of the museum and watched it all and realised they had been totally different in the museum, they had even put their rusty bike in the courtyard bike rack. In that moment it occurred to her that there might be a way to solve the nuisance of lamprey night for good.
Chapter three

Over the coming weeks

Over the coming weeks she invited all the school children to the museum to help her write the puzzles then on creepers night all was prepared. Towns folk locked their doors and then the river people slithered into town.

They pounded on the doors, and scratched on shutters all the way up the street until they reached the museum door. But this time it was locked but on it was a letter, the creepers slid up to it and read the words.

The town would like to invite you to view
As we've riddles and clues written just for you
But the rules are simple for you to receive this gift
You must pass quietly through the town
No knock on ginger, no tapping on the glass
Only quietly this way must you pass
And as reward for your consideration
Here is the first riddle for your contemplation
And with it you will find the key
Which bids you access to this gallery

Sign and agree
And we will pass you the key.

Looking on from a tiny little secret hole the curator watched as they all nodded and signed the paper with their wet fists. She then tugged a little rope attached to the door latch and the door swung open and there before them was a single gallery tablet glowing brightly.

As they stepped forward this is what they saw.
These might be good for trading this was the key for wealth this does not grow on trees.the word in the title.(7letters)
Chapter four

Matthews tale

As the fish man approched the display he banged and scratched and whacked at the glass case that protected the precious ancient coins .
Smash! The glass shatterd , as he entered his cloak of keys chinked.And there they were glimmering in the moonlight were the silver coins which he had been longing for all his life.So he collected the coins and scampered ...
Suddenly , he heard something , footsteps approaching he had to hide so he jumped up into one of the cauldrons on the cieling . Once the person whoever they were had gone he thought he was safe but he wasn't .
Crack! The cauldron fell
Crack! Another fell but fell onto the other one so he was locked in.
There was one problem though the cauldron was wobbling right next to the stairs...
I look like a goblet .Who created me?Find me near the dog helms.(7letters)
Chapter five

The ghost dinnerparty

As the fish man approached the display He saw ghosts having a dinner party.
"What's that you're drinking from?" asked the fish man.
"Nothing you need to know!" snapped a ghost.
"Here! Take this!" said another ghost.
"Argghhhh! He gave me a piece of cake!" screamed the fish man. "I'm scared of ghosts!"
Finally, he found out it was a normal cake, but just then the cake got turned into another ghost!
I am made of leather and stand tall and proud. It is in the style in which I have been built , but use only the first four letters , all lower case.
Chapter six

Lewis’s tale

As the fish man approached the display,he felt it. And he felt so emotional,that he cried until his shark like teeth chattered. He reached out and touched the tall,elegant tower. Surprised, he stepped backwards into the darkness; the soft smooth leather felt soothing to the touch He placed his hand on to the uppermost tower, then disaster struck! Accidentally, his clumsy fingers broke the tower. He felt dreadful and clanked his way back to the river in dispair. If you look very carefully at the artefact today, you can still see the damage caused by the fish man.....

You will find me in a glass case my Splendour to see roses and tulips decorate me to solve my ridle you need to know my word for sure you use it to play an instrument and not for opening a door You use it to play an instrument and it's not for opening doors.(4letters)
Chapter seven

Death Death Death

As the fish man approached the display a boy was looking at him. The fish man magically put his hand through the glass and picked up the piano chucking it angrily at the boy knocking him unconscious. He bit hard into the boys face red blood dripping everywhere. He picked the piano back up and put it in the case and suddenly started to play Beethoven. The piano was wet because the water driped of his bird feather cloak and blood poured of of his lips because of the unfortunate boys death.

He peered behind the piano. There was some serious fairy's and the fairy's put rock music on and started to dance. Unfortunately he stood on all of the fairy's and because he felt so ashamed he jumped under the piano and let it squish him.
A Ceromonial stick a spiked ball and it stands next to a constables .my key word can be found in the text for the stave on the left.7 letters
Chapter eight

Finlay's tale

As the fish man approached the display he scraped his wet, dripping, dagger like claws down the thick, smooth glass casing that protected the precious artefacts making a horrible screeching sound like when a teacher scrapes there nails down a black bord. Then he lifted his green slimey arm up and braut it down...
But missed the glass casing no hit his stomach, which made him vomit all over the glass casing...
And then he lay on the ground in pain, as dead fish and rotten sea weed poured out of his mouth.
F - Could it be a lion, mouse or dog
It's not a bird, snake, pig or frog
Not a pigeon nor monkey
Nor rabbit nor rat
No, I think it's a cat on my battle ready hat.

What am I (4 letters)
Chapter nine


End - Go back to beneath the cauldrons cauldrons and type the word Lamprey below.
Chapter ten

The End

The lamprey were greatly satisfied by the school children's riddles and clues, as they walked up the street out of town they didn't push over the litter bins or peer through the curtain cracks. Instead they lifted their rusty trolley and carried it quietly back to the river in the hope they would get more riddles to enjoy.

So each month, the school children would set up new riddles and clues through the galleries for the creepers. Everyone still locked their doors to the lamprey and tucked their children in tight, but the fish people didn't disturb anyone anymore, as they were so eager for their riddle clue treats at the end of the street.

That was until . . . . .
Chapter eleven

Further thoughts

Why do the Night Creepers carry rusty things from the river bed?

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happen next in the story, is there something about to happen which brings the fish people and the residents together?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to add to the walk.

Why do the Lamprey people have capes made from rusty discarded keys? Where do you think they were from and why are there so many in the river?
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